Mission/Outreach Tools

Articles | June 29, 2017

3 Organizations You Should Know

Looking for mission-focused tools that integrate faith, work, and economics? Here are three that we highly recommend! The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) Developed by Think Tank, this 2.5 hour simulation invites your congregants into a day in the life of the socio-economically disadvantaged. It offers a glimpse into the obstacles that are faced, the […]

Articles | June 6, 2017

Now What? Practical Ways Churches Help People Connect Sunday to Monday

by Matt Rusten

In preaching, there is always a move from the “what” of the text (exegesis), to the “so what?” of the text (hermeneutics), to the “now what?” (application) for our lives. What is the text saying? So what? Now what? A similar move is necessary when churches seek to help people connect faith to everyday work […]

Testimonies | April 10, 2017

Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE): An Immersion Experience That Is Worth It!

by Luke Bobo

My former pastor in St. Louis, Dr. T. D. Stubblefield, First Baptist Church of Chesterfield (Chesterfield, MO), often said, “Who do you rely on when there is more month than money?” What if this were your reality and not a hypothetical situation? In other words, what if you had to choose between paying the light […]

Articles | March 23, 2017

Compassion & Capacity

by Tom Nelson

“And who is my neighbor?” – an expert in the law (Luke 10:29) We continue our core values series on the common good by asking ourselves if we’ve built enough compassion and capacity to actually contribute to our local communities. One of the two greatest commandments is “love your neighbor as yourself.” Yet in today’s […]

Integration Tools | August 5, 2016

What is a Gospel Movement?

by Timothy Keller

Tim Keller launched Movement Week 2016 with the release of a special half-hour conversation on what makes a gospel movement and the inflection point we find ourselves in today. Watch to learn how you might be a part of a movement that is reaching a tipping point of gospel influence.

Integration Tools | March 9, 2015

Ideas for Church Implementation

by MTF Staff

These models are basic concepts to spark thinking – we encourage pastors to enhance, alter, combine, any of these suggestions to suit their ministry context. Most importantly: YOU know your community (inside and outside your church walls) the best.  If one of these model ideas gets your juices going – great!  Run with it!  But […]