Isaac Frere

Fort Lauderdale

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Isaac Petit Frere leads The Font, an online ministry that emerged into a community of groups growing in relationships with each other and God. With a vision to bring faith to life, The Font has launched its first loft in Fort Lauderdale and envisions many more in the coming years as it establishes it’s online influence.

He attended University of Miami, receiving a bachelors in mathematics, physics, and economics, all the while pursuing his dream of becoming a music producer. He completed his masters and doctorate in economics while publishing music in globally distributed films, television shows, and platinum artists. Yet with all of his success in music, entertainment, and academia, he attests that his true calling was found in inspiring people to find faith, fulfillment, and purpose in their lives. Since then he has shared his Christian faith and it’s power to restore a generation.

Beside a great man of God is a greater woman of God, and that woman is the love of his life, Vanessa Petit-Frere, his beloved wife and the mother of their beautiful two sons, Ellison and Israel.