Why Join Made to Flourish?

Work Matters to God

Empowering pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities is best accomplished with the support of a wide range of individuals engaged. Whether you are a business leader, a non-profit employee, an artist or a stay-at-home parent, and everything in between, your work matters. We encourage you to connect with us, grow and join the conversation.

A Pastor’s Network for the Common Good

At its core, Made to Flourish is a network of pastors who seek to encourage and resource each other to integrate faith, work and economic wisdom for the flourishing of our communities.

By connecting pastors to one another and providing a growing number of resources, access to thought leaders, and in-depth training centered around transforming ideas and best practices, we help you connect this theology to the everyday practices of your church and ministry so that you can truly equip your people and live this out with us for the common good of your city.

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What We Provide

A package of introductory resources. When your membership application is accepted, we will send you a package of resources including several books on faith, work, and economic wisdom integration.

Free access to the Theology of Work Bible Commentary in Logos. Also included with your resources is a free license to the Theology of Work Bible Commentary in Logos (note: a free license for Logos base software is also included). Details and instructions are located in our Sermon Tools.

Monthly newsletter. We will send you our monthly newsletter on the latest resources, happenings, and events that are relevant to you.

A growing library of online resources. Our website provides an increasing number of the best articles, sermons, videos, stories, profiles, books, and more on the biblical theology of work and how to integrate it into your church.

Local city gatherings. You will be able to participate in city network gatherings in your area where you can meet other like-minded pastors who value faith and work integration.

Hands-on training through our Learning Communities. Pastors and marketplace leaders gathered in a collaborative, laboratory learning environment centered around transforming ideas and best practices.

Online training through webinars, courses, and virtual workshops. You will have access to our webinars and virtual workshops to provide continuing training in theological foundations and church integration, and access to key thought leaders.

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A Natural Fit

Faith and work integration isn’t another program you have to implement or initiative you have to champion. Instead, it fits naturally into what you already do — prayers, sermons, illustrations, and so forth. We produce and curate helpful content to save you time. 

We know you are busy, so we aren’t asking you to add one more thing to your already busy schedule. Rather, we’re inviting you to see pastoral ministry from a new perspective that locates customary pastoral tasks in a broader redemptive context resulting in more faithful, effective service.

Terms of Membership

By clicking on “I Agree” you hereby agree to the following Made to Flourish Terms of Membership as well as the Made to Flourish Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not click “I Agree” and do not apply for membership with Made to Flourish.

In order to be a member of Made to Flourish, you must be a practicing pastor over the age of 18, must affirm the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) Statement of Faith, the orthodox view of human sexuality and marriage — as detailed in the NAE’s Theology of Sex: Recovering God’s Intentions — must maintain a high commitment to Scripture, and must meet such other criteria of membership as Made to Flourish may, in its sole discretion, establish from time to time.

You understand and agree that upon being granted membership to Made to Flourish you will receive communications from Made to Flourish, including emails and materials regarding the Made to Flourish program, events, and other informational materials relating to the Made to Flourish program.

If at any time you want to stop your membership in Made to Flourish or wish to stop receiving communications from Made to Flourish, please email Made to Flourish at members@madetoflourish.org.

Made to Flourish reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion to terminate your membership if you no longer satisfy the criteria for membership as Made to Flourish, in its sole discretion, shall determine.