Why Join Made to Flourish?

Relationships and resources to help you connect faith and work in your church.

IMG_0175Pastors are called to help their people see how important their work is, and how to do it in a gospel-centered, God-glorifying way.

We come alongside you as a pastor and help equip you to do this for your people. We provide relationships and resources to help you connect faith and work in your church.

By joining Made to Flourish, you become part of a growing movement of pastors that are helping their congregation follow Jesus in the workplace.

What We Provide

IMG_6555Membership is free because our aim is to serve you and help your church thrive. Through this membership, you have access to:

A package of introductory resources. When your membership application is accepted, we will send you a package of resources including several books on faith, work, and economics integration.

Free access to the Theology of Work Bible Commentary in Logos. Also included with your resources is a free license to the Theology of Work Bible Commentary in Logos (note: a free license for Logos base software is also included). Details and instructions are located in our Sermon Tools.

Monthly newsletter. We will send you our monthly newsletter on the latest resources, happenings, and events that are relevant to you.

Local network gatherings. You will be able to participate in city network gatherings in your area where you can meet other like-minded pastors who value faith and work integration.

A growing library of online resources. Our website provides an increasing number of the best articles, sermons, videos, stories, profiles, books, and more on the biblical theology of work and how to integrate it into your church.

Online training through webinars and virtual workshops. You will have access to our webinars and virtual workshops to provide continuing training in theological foundations and church integration, and access to key thought leaders.

In-person training through learning communities. You can be a part of a learning community in your area.

Faith and work integration isn’t another program you have to implement or initiative you have to champion. Instead, it fits naturally into what you already do (prayers, sermons, illustrations, and so forth), and we curate the best content for you on our website to save you time. You don’t have to be a business expert, and it doesn’t require a new program and more staff.

We know you are busy, so we aren’t asking you to add one more thing to your already busy schedule. Rather, we’re inviting you to see pastoral ministry from a new perspective that locates customary pastoral tasks in a broader redemptive context resulting in more faithful, effective service.

Made to Flourish:

  • Resources to help you understand faith and work integration more fully
  • Training on how to equip your church to connect faith and work for the common good
  • Community so you have the fellowship, support, and encouragement of a nationwide network of like-minded pastors

From our Members

ChipRoperHelp People Grow Spiritually
Faith, work, and economics integration is one of the most strategic things you can invest in as a pastor. … I’ve found that by talking with people just once a month about integrating their faith and work, they grew more spiritually than they did in small groups that met every week.

—Dr. Chip Roper, Director of Marketplace Engagement at New York City Leadership Center

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ZacharyRitvalskyParticipate in Cutting Edge Ministry
Integrating faith, work, and economics is considered to be cutting-edge ministry, and it is challenging to be out on the “front lines” by yourself. It is good to know that there are other individuals, either locally or around the nation, that can encourage and help you to work through challenges and problems.

—Zachary Ritvalsky, Pastor of Sweet Union Baptist Church in Philadelphia

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The Impact

freely-10258Faith and work integration represents one of our best opportunities to strengthen our relationships, grow the reach of our churches, and impact the culture.

Just imagine what could happen in our communities if our people saw their work as worship. If you want to get better at connecting with your people, helping them connect Sunday worship with Monday work, we invite you to join Made to Flourish.


How Do I Join?

There are no dues or fees involved with joining the network. We exist solely to provide you with relationships and resources to strengthen your ministry. We do ask that you enthusiastically share our core values and mission, which you can find in our terms of membership agreement.