Our Team

Our team is committed to serving pastors and local churches. We believe the local church as God designed it is the hope of the world. Our desire is to empower pastors and churches to be more beautiful in their expression and effective in their mission.


Luke Bobo

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Tara Bowers

National Event Coordinator

Kevin Harlan

Vice President of Philanthropy

RuthAnne Irvin

Managing Editor

Eric Rivier Jimenez

Director of Communications

Rebekah Jones

Associate Director of Development

Shanna Lapinski

City Network Coordinator

Roni Gonzales Leahy

Regional Development Specialist

Trevor Lee

Regional Development Specialist

Tom Nelson


Petar Nenadov

Regional Development Specialist

Chris Robertson

Director of City Networks

Matt Rusten

Executive Director

Charlie Self

Director of City Expansion

Bethany Van Eps

Supporter Services Coordinator

Paige Wiley

Engagement Coordinator

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