with a renewed understanding of work.

What we’re about

Rediscover the biblical beauty of work with hundreds of fellow pastors.


What is the purpose of work? Is it for personal gain, charitable giving, or something greater? Could a renewed understanding of work hold the key to human flourishing?


Explore these questions with fellow pastors, and develop practical ways to empower your community to connect faith and work for the common good.


Strengthen your ministry with practical resources. And apply for grants to implement these ideas for human flourishing in your church and community.

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Hear from the Network

  • Developing an understanding of Faith, Work, and Economics has significantly impacted the way I pastor.  In preaching, it helps me think more critically about the circumstances my congregation is facing in the workplace, helping my apply the Word of God more effectively.  In pastoral care, it has helped me ask better questions in getting to know my congregation and show my congregants how their work matters – to God and to others.

    TOM OLSONPastor of the Barrington Campus of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church
  • "I started praying for jobs and vocations in Sunday worship. The first week I prayed for our work, an elderly congregant who cares for his wife who has battled Alzheimer’s for 14 years, came to me after the service and said, ‘Thank you for praying for me today. That part about ‘granting love and patience to caretakers, both paid and unpaid’; I knew you had me in mind."

    BLAINE CRAWFORDPastor at Lakeview Community Church in Rochester, NY
  • By emphasizing missionary stories and church specific examples almost entirely in my preaching and teaching, I had created an unintentional (and false) dichotomy of spiritual work  and secular work. In doing so, I was discouraging many and limiting their kingdom witness. Now I seek to be intentional to speak God’s word into where people generally spend most of their time - their work!

    Aaron BrockmeierPastor of St. Luke's Church
  • Prior to joining Made to Flourish, I certainly believed that the Lordship of Christ touched all of life.  But I didn't really have a thorough or practical understanding of what that meant with regards to work and economics. Since joining the network, I have come to a much deeper understanding of the myriad of ways in which Christ calls to us not just in our personal lives, but in the marketplace, to be agents of his healing and restoration.

    Andrew ArndtLead Pastor at Bloom Church in Denver
  • Integrating faith, work, and economics has enabled me to affirm and bless our people to worship God in every area of their lives. A robust theology of creation, vocation, and redemption helps people engage the realities of our world, rather than seeking to escape from them. In the words of Amy Sherman, people won't believe their work matters until they first believe the world matters.

    Petar NenadovLead Pastor of Lakeside Christian Church in Akron, Ohio

Imagine if Sunday sermons spoke to people’s Monday work and the church helped people realize God’s beautiful, purposeful call on their lives.


Imagine if the Church reached beyond meeting immediate needs and equipped entire communities to flourish.


Imagine if young people and families discovered that their work was a place of strategic calling and service to others.

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